A few words about GROOVE DAYS

    Groove Days is a traditional weekend full of hiphop culture, classes, party and knowledge. This event is frequented not only by beginners, but also by long-time dancers, and it is for its unique atmosphere that they often come back.

    The lectors are chosen carefully so that the classes would be as diverse as possible, also in terms of development of particular styles. In the daytime, dancers take classes and in the evening, they can attend discussions with their teachers. Then, there is a crucial part of Groove Days and that's a PARTY with our favourite DJ Nox, DJ S-Feelin or DJ Boruff!

    During the classes, teachers lay stress especially on the foundations, individuality, music and sharing the urban community. What is amazing about Groove Days is the individual attitude of each lector, the discussions and mainly a friendly atmosphere during the whole weekend.

  • HipHop
    Funk Styles
    House Dance
    New Jack Swing



    23. 9. - 25. 9. 2016


    Sir Ledgen (USA/Jamaica)

    Karl Kane Wung (France)
    HipHop, DnB, House, Popping

    Claire Moineau (France)

    Shaik (USA)
    HipHop, Fusion

    Whichaway Sha (USA)
    House Dance, HipHop, Dale Webo

    Mikee (Czech)


    Dancers are divided into groups according to their level
    Beginners / advanced / pro
    5 foreign lectors
    3 dance stages
    2 party stages
    Barbecue open air party by the pool
    Overall 7-10 classes (75min) for each group
    The price includes board, accommodation, workshops and parties


    2555 CZK paid till 6th September
    3333 CZK paid after 6th September



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Jsme si vědomi významu ochrany osobních údaju a soukromí našich uživatelu, a proto při uchovávání a zpracování Vašich osobních údaju postupujeme v souladu s platnými právními předpisy, zejména se zákonem č.101/2000 Sb. o ochraně osobních údaju a změně některých zákonu, se zákonem č.127/2005 Sb. o elektronických komunikacích, a dále dle příslušných ustanovení Občanského zákoníku, jakož i příslušných norem Evropské unie. Poskytnutí osobních údaju je dobrovolné, ovšem pro uzavírání účastnických smluv a plnění závazku jsou následující údaje ve formuláři nezbytné. Informace, které nám předáte, zpracováváme především pro účely poskytování našich služeb, produktů a dále pro vnitřní potřebu. Bez Vašeho výslovného souhlasu nebudou Vaše osobní data poskytnuta třetím stranám. Spravované údaje jsme však povinni poskytnout v případech daných zákonem, např. orgánům státní správy, soudům, orgánum činným v trestním řízení apod. Rovněž máte možnost kdykoliv požádat o opravu, doplnění či likvidaci údaju, případně odvolat souhlas se zpracováním osobních údaju v případech, kdy zpracování takových údajů nevyplývá ze zákona.


Sir Ledgen

Jamaica West Indies born and bread “Sir Ledgen” has been taking over dancehalls, theaters and silver screens since performing at birthday parties and local events at a young age; anywhere he could find an audience. As a Dancer & Choreographer, Ledgen often mixes freestyle with training that uniquely projects his thoughts into movement and expression through dance. He features an essence of Dancehall and created movement that illuminates strong tribal attributes and traditional dance with a new age twist. Always a student, Sir Ledgen's passion for the evolution of the craft and need to stay current keep him active in the studio working with Laure Courtellemont, Broadway Dance Center, Movement Lifestyle, and previously w/ Young Jean Lee Theatre Company, Rhythmology, & Alvin Ailey w/ Marjory Smarth.

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Shannon Whichaway Mabra

A versatile dancer, a long-time lector of Groove Days that is focused particularly on House Dance, HipHop and Rockin. He is the founder of HouseDance Jackin! His experience speak for itself- e.g. performing in Soul Train, collaboration with RUN-DMC, Toni Braxton etc., participation in numerous dance broadcasts and documentaries, plenty of showcases. Every House or HipHop dancer ought to take his class.

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Chris "Shake" Mathis

With an extensive list of dance, choreographic and production credits, Chris "Shake" Mathis is a much sought after commodity. An energetic and spontaneous personality, with a disarmingly smooth approach to dance, Shaik/Shake's creative stylizing redefines the parameters of art in motion! His credits attest to both his choreographed and/or special appearances in countless music videos.

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Karl Kane Wung

Initiating his dance career in 1983-84, Karl became one of the first generation of dancers in Europe! In the 90's, his crew specialized in Hype! During his dance journey, he taught and performed literally all over the world (e.g. "Men at work" tour in Asia with Storm). Today, Karl, a co-founder of The Soul Searchers crew, masters all styles at a very high level. His classes are oriented mainly towards House, HipHop, Poppin and Dancehall.

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Claire Moineau

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Michal "Mikee" Krobot
Mobile: 00420 603 158 788
E-mail: michal.krobot@gmail.com

Account number: 2700626249/2010
IBAN: CZ28 2010 0000 0027 0062 6249

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